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Granny's 1930 SamplerSummaryThis book is a pattern book that teaches the reader how to make the sampler quilt that is featured in the book Lizzy Albright and the attic window. There are forty-two tradition quilt blocks that are set in the attic window setting. The border features flying geese quilt blocks with nine patches included within each "goose".There is a historical reference to each block in the quilt and excerpts from the Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window are highlighted in a few places throughout.Some of the blocks included are: Snail's Trail, Bear Paw, Old Maid's Puzzle, Kansas Dugout, Sunbonnet Sue, Card Trick, Postage Stamp, Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, Moon Over the Mountain, Jacob's Ladder, and many more.
Ricky Tims 2020.